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April 15 ,  2015

Introduction to Dalcroze and
Incorporating its Priniples Effectively in You Teaching


 At Garden City Community Church 

President's Welcome Message

Welcome back from what I hope was an enjoyable, productive and restorative few months. Mine included an exciting adventure to Iceland, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic. Now back to work.

The year ahead will be challenging in several ways. I am confident these challenges can be met, as I know what a faithful and dedicated membership APTLI has. A big "thank you" to Estelle Pace and Maria Olynec for taking on Program and Advertising, respectively. They has jumped right in and produced results.

I look forward to seeing you on Sept.17.

-- Naomi Lehman, Pres.

Mission Statement

The Association of Piano Teachers of Long Island, founded in 1966, is a non-profit organization. APTLI seeks to promote the development of the next generation of young musicians by raising the standards of piano teaching and by providing members with continuing professional growth through discussions, lectures, and master classes.


Most members reside in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens counties. We invite interested persons from other counties to join as well. Benefits of membership include monthly meetings, lectures, master classes, newsletters, and yearly Spring Student Recital in which students of members may participate. An added benefit is the opportunity to meet and network with people who share common teaching values. Members also take pleasure in Club 88, which is an optional feature of APTLI. Club 88 meets informally twice or thrice a year for those interested to perform and/or listen to one another.

If you are interested in joining us, please Click Here for Membership Application Form.



The Association of Piano Teachers of Long Island or APTLI (pronounced Apt-Lee) was formed in 1966 , when twenty-one piano teachers banded together for professional growth and friendship. Bert Konowitz and Hadassah Sahr were two of the associationís first lecturers and performers. Many renowned musicians have since been guest speakers at APTLI meetings. These speakers include Martin Canin, Constance Keene, Nelita True, Mordecai Shehori, Carol Montparker, Lynn Freeman Olson, Lee Evans, Paul Sheftel, Ren Zhang, and Jeffrey Biegel.



Association of Piano Teachers of Long Island
Since 1966